A Midwinter’s Night Dream: 2017 Winter Solstice 

Happy Winter Solstice! Astrologer Lisa Stardust briefly explains the metamorphoses which will take place during this snowy season.


As we embark on this new season, let's take a moment to savor the beauty and depth of the upcoming months.

As we prepare for yule time festivities and the weather drops, take a moment Thursday, December 21st to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Yes, another season has arrived, offering us time to reflect on growth, as we approach the end of the calendar year. Days are now shorter and the air chillier. Do not let the external melancholia interfere with your personal transformation. Instead of hibernating, appreciate the wintery thaw this season. Take a step back, reflect, and plan your activities as you head into a new year. 

Manifest your visions during these blistering cold days. Several astrological events are happening this season, forcing change to take place on a global and personal level. Two days before the solstice, task master Saturn switches signs and moves into Capricorn, creating a major energetic shift. Mercury who has been moving backwards since December 3rd, stops his retrograde cycle and moves forward on December 22nd, allowing us to understand relationships on a deeper level. This winter season also brings in two Supermoons (one being a blue moon eclipse), two eclipses, and a rare blue moon. While the weather may be chilly, and we all are bundled up–changes are happening below the surface, just like the earth. 

 As we toast auld lang syne and bid farewell to 2017, in the next ten days, try to reflect, remember, and move towards the future. With high hopes and sugar plum fairy dreams, Winter 2017-2018 promises to bring forth many external and internal changes. The hope of this season is seen in the stars. Now, let’s all welcome winter–with cold hands and warm hearts.

You can read more from Lisa Stardust at her website.