What is a Psychodrama?

Definition of psychodrama from Merriam Webster’s unabridged online dictionary: A usually unrehearsed dramatic play designed to afford catharsis and social relearning for one or more of the participants from whose life history the plot is abstracted. (First Known Use: 1932)


Overcoming past-life trauma through Unariun cinema.

We asked the members of Unarius to describe their commitment to creating these inspiring, incredibly involved psychodramas and why they still treasure them today.

“Since the late 70s, the Unarius Academy of Science has pioneered the use of psychodrama to reveal an individual’s traumatic past lifetimes for the purpose of healing. Many of these lifetimes occurred tens of thousands of years ago, going back to the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, and even further to Orion.

Under the direction of Uriel, cosmic visionary and cofounder of Unarius, episodes from a particular lifetime were reenacted by her students as a group—without the use of scripts. The psychodramas were filmed and videotaped, and have been aired on public access TV stations across the USA since the early 80s.

The students had an opportunity to develop their innate creative potential as they designed and constructed the sets and costumes for a particular scene, with a very limited budget. These props were the catalysis to awake them from their psychic amnesia. The reliving of the past or “sandpapering,” as Uriel called it, between the students often began with these first steps, before the actual filming began.

The students were able to gain the full benefit of the psychodrama process through their knowledge and application of the principles of past-life therapy, which have been taught by Unarius since its inception in 1954. The end result was the healing they experienced: an actual change of the negatively biased energy waveforms in their psychic or energy body to a positive bias. This is so because the strong emotions of the past, having formed static energy charges, are discharged during the psychodrama process.”

Unarius created these elaborate productions as a collective, allowing students to explore guerilla-style filmmaking tactics to produce their scenes. Uriel had her students reenact their past lives with complete conviction, no matter how difficult the scenes might be. Using full space-themed costuming and makeup, real locations and elaborate sets, and in-camera special effects, Unarius made a catalogue of outsider films now coveted by collectors. The following list are some of their favorites.

The Decline and Destruction of Orion Empire

Our pre-history has often been written as myth and folklore, but behind the myth is a reality that begins with the history of the Orion Empire, which existed 800,000 years ago. While this history may be shocking, it reveals the root causes of the many problems facing the people on Earth today. This historical epic reveals the cause for the decline of man’s spiritual intelligence, a decline that began 800,000 years ago in the Constellation of Orion.

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Students as mind-controlled slaves of the evil empire in the Orion series, 1980

The Arrival

The Arrival is a true story of reincarnation and the first contact with another world, 162,000 years ago. Without using a script or acting in the traditional way, the characters reenact their past lives as aborigines living on the continent of Lemuria. The story opens as the tribal leader’s son, Zan, encounters an immense spaceship with advanced, benevolent beings. In telepathic conversations with the Space Brothers, he is awakened from his psychic amnesia as he relives a lifetime over 200,000 years ago when he was a spaceship commander of an Orion battle cruiser. Now that Zan is aware of why he is presently living as an aboriginal, he can look forward to a more positive future.

Uriel and students behind the scenes as the benevolent Space Brothers in Roots of the Earthman, 1977-1980, also seen in The Arrival, 1980

Roots of the Earthman

This sequel to The Arrival finds an aboriginal tribe experiencing tremendous resistance and hostility as one member attempts to communicate to them of his encounter with higher beings from another planet. The drama continues with Zan and his followers attempting to contact the higher beings, with the other tribal members in pursuit of them.

Followers of Seti, worshippers of Baal, Roots of the Earthman, 1977-1980

Vaughn Spaegel as the corrupt spiritual leader Seti, Roots of the Earthman filming, 1977-1980

True Tales of the Past: The Saga of Osiris and Isis

This video program is one of the low budget psychodrama formats used by Unarius. It tells the story of Isis and Osiris, two highly advanced spiritual beings from another world who came to Earth 12,000 years ago to teach humankind the Science of Life and the reality of spiritual evolution.

Ruth Norman as Isis with Stephan Yancoskie as Osiris and students as betrayers of Isis, Isis and Osiris, 1982

“Satan, Now a Light Bearer”: Louis Spaegel reformed and returning to his highest spiritual self as Antares, c. 1982


— All film descriptions provided by The Unarius Academy of Science