Cosmic Vibes: Riding the Wave of Change

Astrologer Lisa Stardust tells us about the steady flow of transformative energy that is headed towards all the signs in the zodiac this month.


Get ready for a deep dive into the watery abyss of Cancer season!


We start off the month with Chiron moving back through fiery Aries in its retrograde. The wounded healer planet is going to have us all trying to understand the past to heal the present— purifying by fire in the heat of summer. While it may be tempting to let sleeping dogs lie, Chiron is a master of opening up old wounds during Cancer season, which is the most emotionally weighty time of the year. Get ready to have some deep moments of realization and healing this month!

Venus, Goddess of love and money, enters the hard-working, practical, and somewhat finicky sign of Virgo on July 9th, creating an earth grand trine with Saturn and Uranus this month. This superpowered trine allows us to use our energy to grow by materializing pleasure, love, and wealth, which gives a healthy boost to our self-esteem.

The Solar eclipse on July 12 in the sign of Cancer forces us to let go of emotionally unstable situations that no longer serve us. With this eclipse being activated by Pluto, expect shifts in relationships, as nurturing Cancer gets a hit from the lord of the underworld, causing the Crab to pinch back hard in conflicts. There is an opportunity to heal with the transformative power of Pluto as long as you’re willing to release any negativity that is brought to light to start a fresh beginning.

The sun shifts info fiery Leo on July 22 enveloping us in a dramatic atmosphere during the end of July. Mercury retrograde begins on July 26. Mercury will be in Leo, leading us all fired up and bold in our communications, but we may make mistakes as a result. Be careful not to stick your feet in your mouth. Mars and Saturn are both still retrograde, as well, which will complicate situations where we want to assert ourselves, especially with authorities. Just look over emails and texts before hitting send, and think twice before saying something harsh or brash.

The second eclipse of the summer starts the day after Mercury starts backtracking in the sign of the Leo. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius which occurs on July 28th (called the “blood moon” eclipse due to its reddish hue) will last 1 hour and 23 minutes, making it a long and intense eclipse as the Moon passes the Earth’s shadow. Mars planet of action, who is moving backward, will trigger the eclipse making us all feel charged with energy, then frustratingly blocked due to Mars’s inability to act, thereby releasing tension.

July is a time to soften into vulnerability. While change is hard, growing through experiences is essential! Be honest and gentle about feelings with yourself and others. Use the energy of the season to welcome change and move toward your truest self, even if you have to shed the past to get to a beautiful place within. 


Happy solar return Cancer! July brings many changes your way, and you are in the mood to start treating your unique quirkiness as an asset rather than an embarrassing burden (it isn’t!!) you carry! Freedom and rebirth await as you deepen relationships this month.

July 9th is a lovely time for you to express yourself to those you care about. People will respect your realistic visions on this day, and you will feel a surge of confidence. Just be careful not to be too bossy, as you can pinch people too hard when expressing your needs.

The solar eclipse on July 12th may be a bit daunting, Moonchild. Pluto, who can often be both destructive and transformative at the same time, will be triggered by the eclipse, provoking power struggles, and even love triangles to come to a head. The aspects will obscure your intuition so you may have trouble understanding other people’s negativity. Keep in mind that what you feel isn’t what’s necessarily going on! The Moon is dark on this day, and your ability to intuit is lowered. You may end up projecting your fears onto others. Instead of reacting and pinching people with your crabby claws, try to first come to terms with your emotions, then try to make sure you have your facts straight and communicate your needs. You want to assert your individuality, which is great! Just be gentle.

Mercury Retrograde gives you the chance to think over decisions made during the solar eclipse, as the Full Moon eclipse July 27th helps you to heal the wounds opened by Pluto’s transit. You can let go and move towards rebirth at the end of July, walking sideways, cautious but confidently, under light of the moon towards understanding, truth, and growth.


July brings ups and downs to your emotional state which cause you to feel torn between asserting your individuality in relationships and working on the power dynamics in those relationships. It’s high time to decide if you should stay or go, Leo. Is it really worth sticking around trying to improve a connection that leaves you feeling dull when you’re meant to shine so bright?

The solar eclipse on July 12th causes you to retreat into your lion den, to work on healing and self-improvement. You need to conserve your energy and meditate on how you would like to develop skills, learn new ones, and strengthen yourself. On the other hand, you are also self-aware enough to recognize that if you do not hide away ASAP, you may lash out when the people around you least expect it.


The lunar eclipse on July 27th will make you feel like a cat on a hot tin roof when Mars opposes your Sun. This gives you a surge of energy to make big decisions. You may feel your pride is wounded during this eclipse because your solar return has started with you in the dark of the moon. On July 22nd, you feel the heaviness of people who have been hurting your ego. This will leave you feeling lonely and you will seriously contemplate ending relationships, but a bout of indecisiveness on the 23rd will leave you in limbo. Try not to use your dramatic flair to inflame preexisting issues with others. Remember, Mercury Retrograde on your Sun sign gives you the chance to decide who to make amends with and when. You have the chance to evaluate and reassess for a little more time before you officially decide.



In the last few months you’ve been wearing your heart on your sleeve more than usual. While you are a fair-minded person, others may have taken advantage of your kindness, causing your friends to be extra protective over you. This is both good and bad because while you respect their loyalty, you also feel they should support you no matter what, even if that means connecting with someone who they think is undeserving of your love.

Venus links up with your Sun on July 9th, at which point taskmaster Saturn and eye-opening Uranus who are both in earth signs. This is an auspicious time to plant seeds around matters of love and money, which will blossom in the coming months. It’s your time to shine now, and the fruits of your labor and kindness will be appreciated by others. However, the solar eclipse on July 12th intensifies issues surrounding love matters, which, in turn, stirs up some tension within your social circle. While the conflict may persist, remember your friends care about you and have your best interests at heart, which is why they feel the need to be extra protective over you on the 20th.

The lunar eclipse on July 27th, occurs the day after your planetary ruler, Mercury, starts moving backward, during Mercury Retrograde. Allow yourself time to think things through so you don’t jump to conclusions in relationships, even if you feel your intuition is on-point. You are trying to fix friendships now and come together with old friends. This is certainly possible, as you are open now to making things work with newfound emotional insights gleaned throughout the month of July and Cancer season.



Fame and fortune are within your reach this month, Libra, but it won’t be a cakewalk! July pokes at your insecurities and you may begin to doubt yourself due to a perceived lack of support from loved ones. You may find yourself thinking “what is it all for?” and “am I the right person for the job?” Take a step back and work on keeping your scales balanced this month. You are great at making sure justice is served for others, but this month is about being fair to yourself, too!

On July 3rd, you may have issues with people close to you, causing you to feel a little lost and out of balance. You want to go out and play with friends, but your work obligations are too heavy to allow you to let loose and have fun. The thought of missing out on great summer moments with friends gets under your scales, as you are relationship-oriented by nature and there are few things that unnerve you more than the idea of being left out. Try to explain to your loved ones kindly that you need to focus on work, but when you are free you would love to have a beach day or dinner party. These feels will pop up during the lunar eclipse on July 27th, so try to be very open and transparent so that people don’t question you about being M.I.A. on the 27th.

The solar eclipse on July 12th pushes you to that fame and glory mentioned above. A few days prior, Venus shifted into Virgo, causing you to be hyper-critical of yourself, leaving you feeling insecure. You may feel uncertain of your vision and you second guess yourself amidst the sinking feeling of imposter syndrome. The key to success is actually to be gentle with yourself today, because the truth of the matter is that you are beyond qualified, you just need to have more faith in your abilities. Don’t doubt yourself! You got this!



With Mars, your planetary ruler, in retrograde all month, you may feel unsure of where you belong, due to all the amazing changes happening in your life right now. While you are at home with transforming yourself, it’s hard to keep up with the outside world with every area of your life in flux. It may be time to slow down this July.

The first half of the month is a great time to reflect and regroup as you connect to a higher understanding of your needs and new inner philosophy about how to communicate them. The past couple of months have probably felt like an emotional rollercoaster, but the solar eclipse on July 12th will shed light on some deep-seated truths that will help you to connect more to your basic needs in relationships. This will set you free from anxiety over murky relationship dynamics.

July 22nd is a little tough, as you are pushed into the spotlight with your footing not feeling very secure. This may make you retreat into the watery tides and be a bit salty with others on the 20th. You may take out your embarrassment on those you care about the most, so be careful not to let it get to you. Watch that stinger, Scorpio!


The lunar eclipse gives you time to give yourself a break from public life. Allow yourself more self-care through daily meditation, self-massage, self-love, which will enable you to see beyond the daily grind.



You’ve been working really hard the past several months, Sadge! However, just as you start to get the acclaim you desire, you may realize you need a break from the severity of the real world. You can slow down in the second half of the month and go at your own pace, but you need to focus on managing business in the first two weeks of July.

As Venus, the planet of love and money glides through the career sector of your chart from July 9th through August 6th in work-oriented Virgo, you may feel more stable and confident at the workplace. This confidence creates a more harmonious relationship for you with both superiors and coworkers. Now is the perfect time to ask for a raise, as it is highly likely that your boss will agree to it. Just be sure to have realistic expectations, as you may demand too much money, causing conflicts.


With your confidence high, and as the sun changes signs on July 22nd, entering fiery Leo, you may feel the urge to assert yourself. However, the same day Venus, who rules love and money, and Neptune, planet of illusions, play a game of hide and seek with each other in your emotional center. The confusion forces you to take a step back and reassess your perspective. You’ll really want to take a break from the material world during Mercury Retrograde July 26th, with that urge to run off and explore solo is heightened by the lunar eclipse on July 27th. If you buckle down in the first half of the month, you’ll earn the getaway!



Known as the most dependable and hardworking sign of the zodiac, you often get pigeonholed as being a tough cookie. July offers you the chance to show your true colors to the world when Chiron retrogrades in your house of personal growth, showing off your healing abilities, new practicalities, and sentimentalities toward yourself and others.

You’re being rewarded by the universe for your strong efforts for self-improvement on July 9th, when Venus brings you a multitude of earthly delights, from generosity from a friend to romantic gestures from a lover, as well as possibly the chance for mending some ailing bridges in your personal life. All of this goodness is brought to you by the solar eclipse July 12th, which illuminates the need for you to demand give and take in relationships. Circumstances help you to redraw boundaries and allow a healthy flow of nourishing, mutual emotional vulnerability around them.

You have the power to assert yourself and your passionate emotions during the solar eclipse as a new relationship with your current partner or perhaps a new sweetie is formed. Just don’t allow your fears to take hold of you during the lunar eclipse July 27th, as your shadow self is reminded of past hurts caused by those you’ve been close to. Use your newfound healing abilities to help others survive the intensity of this eclipse. You will be shocked by how much good you can do! After all, you are the savior of the zodiac.



Known for your cool, detached mannerisms, July makes you feel hot, hot, hot! The summer sizzles up your romantic side, allowing you to decide how to take action in matters of the heart which leads you to a deeper sense of understanding with others.

July 7th may be a challenging day for you, dear Aquarius. While you are inspired to believe in people, as you often do, others may disappoint you. It’s important to be practical on this day. Allow yourself to feel your feels! Be angry, even, and use that energy to burn off your angst during the upcoming eclipses. Just find a healthy way to rage. Kickbox, dance to some hardcore tunes, punch a pillow or vent to a sympathetic friend.

The solar eclipse on July 12th allows you to shed insecurities you may feel and take your power back, after months of feeling as though you have been giving it all away to your love interest. Standing up for yourself may feel awkward, as you are a kind soul, however, your airy sentimentalities need to be heard. 

The lunar eclipse on July 27th gets a push from action-oriented planet Mars, who is currently retrograde and aligned with your Sun, pushing you to express your feelings with others, as you’ve recently felt ignored, unseen, and undervalued. Your friends and family will be shocked to hear that you have plenty on your mind, all of which has been brewing internally for quite some time. A natural humanitarian, you hate to upset others. Even though you assert yourself in power dynamics with others, you may possibly feel guilty. Don’t worry, lovely cup-bearer, Mercury Retrograde gives you the opportunity to kiss and make up with those you value through mutual efforts and progress.



July brings high hopes to your dreamy mental space. The first month of summer is a time to have lofty visions around love, money, and creativity, all of which is very refreshing after the recent financial rut you experienced, blended with some heartache.

Recently, your ego may have taken a hit, forcing you to swim away from others, deep into yourself. As Chiron starts its journey backward on July 5th, you have the chance to work on your self-esteem and heal yourself through self-care.

July 9th is a lovely time to be swept away, with one foot on the ground, as Venus comes in adding freshness and practicality, as grounding planet Saturn (in earthy Capricorn) adds discipline and focus to matters of love and money. At the same time, the “Great Awakener” planet, Uranus, shifts your consciousness, giving you an unexpected boost to your wallet and some much-needed butterflies in your heart.

The solar eclipse on July 12th is a highly creative time, as well as the perfect time to connect with your beau—all romantic and creative pursuits, will be met with power struggles. A third party may help by guiding the way, but make sure you don’t let them dominate the situation. Don’t swim away this time! Use your hard earned self-esteem to discuss your emotions on the Full Moon eclipse July 27th. 


Prepare to dedicate July to healing through self-love, Aries. Chiron, the “wounded healer,” retrogrades onto your Sun, presenting you with the opportunity to transform and heal through earnestly reviewing past hurts. At the same time, your planetary ruler, Mars, is moving backward as well, which challenges this potential growth by making you less fiery and eager to initiate change.

The solar eclipse on July 12 brings transformation, allowing you to heal and take leaps towards personal rebirth! As a ram who likes to always do its best, you’re called upon to take a break from power struggles with others and regroup, focusing on yourself, striking a balance between work and private life. This refocusing may lower your anxiety and stresses, as you do need a break and time to focus on you. You will be so relieved by the effects of taking care of yourself, you may decide to prioritize it more!


The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, inspiring you to let your hair down and connect with old creative projects during the next Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde is heightened by the eclipse on July 27, in which you use the combination of fiery and airy energy to let go of old views of yourself and accept yourself more fully.



July is the month you go for the gold, dear Taurus, as you’ve locked horns with your troubles plenty in the past couple of moon cycles, and are ready to stampede into greener pastures… there, you will chill in the Leo Sun, chewing clover. Until then, you’re tying up loose ends in the home stretch!


On July 9th, your planetary ruler, Venus, enters Virgo, allowing you to feel more artistic and creative about a new project. This new endeavor will take you to deep places in your soul and offer you a greater understanding of your life vision, one that you have never seen before.

The solar eclipse on July 12 Gives you the chance to show the world what you’re made of, communicating through your art. The caveat is that you may feel judged by some people and will have to guard yourself against focusing too much on fears that your work isn’t up to snuff. In reality, your creations inspire the masses. You may not see it now, but this changes shortly. As the sun shifts into passionate Leo, you are able to build your confidence and boost your self-esteem just in time for the eclipse which shines its light on your amazing talents, showing off your work to the world.



Heads-up, twin-headed buttercup: July may make you feel as if you have to second-guess every move you’ve made in the past month. You won’t! But there are plenty of planetary aspects this month that will make you feel self-doubt, and riding it out like a boss will make a warrior of you!

July 12 brings an eclipse that may bring about extreme transformation around how you treat other people. Instead of being the flight communicator, you’re going to go deep, which may be hard for you, especially when Mercury starts it’s retrograde motion July 26th. Still, you feel compelled to try this new way of seeing. Trying to find the right words may be hard during the full moon eclipse on July 27 as you struggle to find your grounding. Careful not to put your foot in your mouth.

Try not to second-guess yourself when you make decisions this month. As long as you are making the decisions after you assess all sides of the situation (which you, informationmeister, are superhumanly capable of).