Cosmic Vibes: The New Moon

There’s a turbocharged new moon coming! Astrologer Lisa Stardust tells us about the critical opportunities for change during the last eclipse of summer 2018 in this month’s Cosmic Vibes!


The final eclipse of the summer ushers in a new cycle; speeding up the inevitable and forcing us to get our lives in order for fall!


August, with its multiple retrogrades and the final eclipse of the season, gives us the full month to release, revise, edit, and transform our lives. We can use this energy for our highest good, or we can stay stuck— the choice is ours. With the Sun in Leo until the 23rd, we all have the chance to find new and healthy ways to honor our individuality and our heart’s truth. How will you proceed, cosmic babes?

Venus enters charming Libra on the 6th, giving us all an edge as we assess what beauty, luxury, and money mean to us. This also says it’s time to focus on making relationships work through kindness and gentleness. Just be aware of superficial tendencies! Don’t spend your cash frivolously or commit to a person who may not be as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside.

We kick off August mid-Mercury Retrograde in Leo until August 19th. While the planet of communication Mercury is making us look back and reflect, moral Jupiter offers enlightenment and a chance to make things right with others, not once, but twice on August 11th. This spark of justice ignites the powerful solar eclipse in Leo which will help us blast through old patterns, putting our needs first. We are presented with a chance to heal when Jupiter and Neptune aspect each other on the 9th.

Uranus’s journey backward begins August 7th, lasting until January 6th, 2019, moving from Taurus to Aries during the next month.  The “Great Awakener” is shaking up our finances and love life— be patient! Try to understand others on a deeper level. Don’t lose your temper and use the rebellious Uranian spark to electrocute the ones you love …or bust your bank account.

Mars Retrograde, which began June 26th heats up in August, as Mars travels back from cool and detached Aquarius into its ideal placement in the sign of hard-working Capricorn August 12th. Mars in Capricorn is a steady worker; however, the slow planetary motion may make us all exhausted and unable to complete tasks. Don’t stress, Mars moves forward on the 27th, just in time to have some sexy fun times!

Sun floats into Virgo on the 23rd, giving us all a chance to view situations analytically, which will for us to let our senses and emotions guide us toward change by months end on the 26th. The best way to get through this wild month is to remember with all the retrograde motion by planets, you have time to revise later on. Nothing is forever. You have the chance to make amends or have a reversal of fortune within the next few months, so use this time to experiment and reflect, and it will take you farther than you can imagine in the coming months!



Happy Birthday, Leo! August brings opportunities for you to transform your core beliefs, allowing you to feel simultaneously freer and more grounded by the end of the month. While you may currently feel trapped and find yourself struggling to assert your needs, you will make it through the jungle this month by virtue of your excellent instincts and immense courage, dear Lion.

You may feel misunderstood for most of the month through August 19th as Mercury Retrograde glides backward along your Sun, which creates internal struggles with self-confidence.

The Solar Eclipse on your Sun serves as a cosmic wake-up call to reassess your values, beginning with honesty. While you may be known as the direct and truthful lion, you may have been borderline gaslighting others lately to avoid confrontation. Use this eclipse energy to listen to others, consider their feelings, and speak only your heart’s truth. Own up to your faults and try to create a dynamic in which others can express themselves willingly to you. Conversely, you may have been less than honest with yourself, and this may be creating internal friction that needs to be resolved.

On the 11th and 28th, Jupiter adds a powerful punch, forcing you to reevaluate your personal beliefs around morality and honesty. August 7th adds a bit of unexpected drama at work, as you are ready to step into a new role, you may not be prepared for.

August ends with the Pisces Full Moon, which motivates you to integrate your new beliefs into your life more seamlessly, melting away outdated insecurities and strutting into September with a strong sense of self-confidence. Roar!



During the Solar eclipse August 11th and August 28th, you may confront people who are gaslighting you. On August 19th, you will have a chance to make amends and heal. Overall, August may leave you in a tizzy that the following months will soothe.

There are many opportunities this month to see the fault lines in relationships, but you will be left questioning your intuition, as Mercury Retrograde makes you paranoid and second-guessing the intentions of others. 



Life has been a party for you, lately! The good times continue into Leo season, where you will spend most of August reuniting with old friends, and maybe a lover or two, as well. 

Venus, the planet of love and money, aligns with your Sun on August 6th, allowing you to dance and flirt your way through the hot summer nights, just as you like it best. 

The solar eclipse on August 11th presents you with the opportunity to address underlying issues in your closest friendships. You will either realize that you haven’t been there for others or your friends are not stepping up for you in your time of need. Regardless, it will undoubtedly serve to open your eyes and force you to see people clearly. 

The Pisces Full Moon allows you to shift the focus back onto relationships that are healthy for you and what you to invest your time and energy on. You like to be fair, but part of the lesson of fairness is learning to stand up for your own needs, Libra! August will give you the chance to really reflect on what this looks like for you. 


This summer has been an emotional roller coaster, hasn’t it Scorpio? Rebel planet Uranus, who has been shaking up romances, giving you a hot new romance, starts it’s backward journey in your relationship sector on August 7th, making connections and communications in this area feel very unpredictable. 

Mercury Retrograde will force you to question your life goals, especially on August 11th and 28th when Jupiter, planet of expansion, links up with your Sun and Mercury (who is Retrograde on the 11th, giving you a second time to revise this summer on the 28th) brings up past career struggles, awakening you to not make the same mistakes as you have before. Will you take the leap? It’s up to you! Just choose wisely and make sure you are clear by August 19th.

As your planetary ruler, Mars, has been moonwalking in Aquarius, you have been transforming your inner beliefs, opting to ditch core past beliefs in place of new visions. Mars glides back into Capricorn on August 12th, taking the emotional edge off and giving your words power. You have grown, and now it’s time to tell the world.

The month ends with a lovely Full Moon allowing you to finally have a time of reprieve, as complicates situations become more settled, with your wild new flame.


Known for your infamous ability to pick up little tidbits and trades from different cultures, you get to expand your horizons through new experiences leading up to the 11th, during the solar eclipse. Hidden desires are likely to come out into the open at this time, stirring up fantasies and possible romance. This includes the realm of online dating, so it’s time to spruce up your Tinder profile with better pics!

A word to the wise (and we know you have it in you, Sag!) be careful not to flirt too much. You are known for your bluntness about your needs and wants, but also for letting your imagination run away with your mouth, and you may promise a new beau more than you can live up to around the 19th. This same ability to dream and want to share those dreams can bring healing energy to relationships, if you choose to use the higher vibration of Neptune, allowing you to move forward and make amends with the past. Choose your words wisely!

As the Sun moves into Virgo, the Full Moon rounds off the month with a new you-new philosophy, which calls you back to your individual needs so that you can put yourself first and set goals off on the right foot.


August is red hot for you, dear sea-goat! This is especially exciting because you are a go-getter by nature, even if you are known for taking cautious action, this month starts you off on a path of taking flashy and fast moves to get ahead in life.

Money and fortune are in the cards for you on August 6th when Venus offers you an exciting promotion or raise. Just be sure you are clear on the terms. The 7th gives you a fruitful financial return from your career endeavors— enjoy it! Just be sure to save your pennies for a rainy day staring on the 9th in case you’re hit with unexpected expenditures. You may need to save until the end of September.

August 12th brings the heat to your Sun, as Mars yo-yos back to you, giving you the drive to revise situations from May 12th—allowing you to change the dynamic with others and also SLOW down. What’s the rush? You’re going to burn out if you don’t cool your jets.

August 25th offers you the chance to simmer down. Take time to chill and enjoy the last days of August. You end the month on the 27th realizing you can’t burn the candle at both ends.


August is all about revision and reassessment for you, dear cupbearer!

As Mercury Retrograde moonwalks through the relationship sector of your chart, expect old friends, and, yes, even old flames to resurface out of thin air. The Solar Eclipse on August 11th will bring these partnerships into focus, allowing you to decide if they are worth the investment for the future. You have the power to make choices regarding who you want in your life this summer.

The 11th and 28th give you a choice to make your personal decisions public, as you take to social media or another open forum to gain feedback to help you understand if you are on the right path.

As Mars’s backward journey moves off your Sun on August 12th, you will feel lighter, more centered, and finally able to make more confident decisions without second-guessing your needs and desires.

The Sun’s shift into Virgo on August 23rd and the Full Moon at the end of the month give you an opportunity to purge yourself of people who aren’t helping you grow in your life, allowing you to enter September with more levity and in better spirits.


August is the month that you get your daily priorities in order. As a dreamy soul, you often let things like emails, mail, and texts build up. However, this month you decide to clear out your inbox and respond to all the messages awaiting you. You will feel so much better once this is done!

Be advised that the 7th of August is a big day for communications, and you may get flooded with messages. You will hear unexpected news from the past which will send you swimming away in the ocean as you reassess a vital situation through the end of the month. Try not to be to incredulous when talking with others on the 19th. You will accidentally stumble upon gossip about you, which will try your patience, as you try to not get into arguments with the source of the “info.” The 12th gives you a chance to make amends with your crew, who are probably talking behind your back.

The Solar Eclipse on August 11th, which is activated by Mercury who is moving backward, and your planetary ruler, Jupiter. Try to take the higher ground today, and you will soar. Make sure you don’t let your tendency to daydream interfere with your responsibilities at this time.

As the Sun enters your house of relationships in your chart on August 23rd, you will be on even ground with those who have regained your trust, making a new start fresh for the Full Moon.


Wild ram, Leo season may have you behaving with your horns ready to fight! Watch out for fiery arguments with old beaus who return on the 11th during the Solar eclipse. The intense energy may have you dead-set on regaining control on the 11th. If you think you were harsh when the dust settles, you can apologize with some grace on the 28th, but you may forget all about it by then…

With your planetary ruler moving backward until the 27th, you will probably feel inspired to use your old business contacts to help you make new career moves.

The 12th serves as high time to make your intentions known. But, don’t expect any movement until the end of the month. You may even change your mind, as the corner office you’ve been eyeing may no longer seem desirable by the 19th. Use your vigor to push through the month, no holds barred. You got this!


The world is your playground this August, sweet bull! While you may feel things are out of sorts at work and home, you have the rare opportunity to have fun with the energy knowing you can alter decisions by the end of the summer.

When Venus shifts into Libra on the 6th, you take the time to pamper yourself and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation pampering yourself with afternoon cocktails and daily rubdowns. After all, you deserve it because no one works harder than you!

Mercury’s journey backward will allow you to decide if you want to take your relationships to the next level, especially during the Solar eclipse on the 11th. The great thing about this transit is you have the chance on the 28th to mix it up once more, changing the rules on your terms again (starting on the 19th).

August is the month for you to actually have fun with this slow retrograde energy because it feels like the world is moving at a more manageable pace. Enjoy the summer vibes!


No one knows better than you, Gemini, that words can maim. This rings true, especially during August as your planetary ruler, Mercury, moonwalks in the sky, causing your temper to flare up.

Try to listen before you speak and triple check all communications before you react to make sure you are understanding and giving correct info to resolve issues, especially on the Solar Eclipse August 11th. On this day, you’ll receive a big reveal, as the clandestine activities and scandals of others come to light. More information is brought forth on the 28th.

As Mars shifts backward, it may trigger you on the 12th to keep the argument going, due to the fact you still have a fire in your belly and loads to get off your mind. You may feel stronger than ever but use your energy wisely to overcome issues and heal rather than for vengeance.

The Full Moon at month’s end serves as a public breakup or makeup of sorts, as you are cosmically forced to make decisions around whether to dissolve the past or make it work. The answers are within you and will come to light on the 19th, when Mercury goes direct, allowing you to speak from the heart and get a redo from all the drama.


August may cause insecurities to surface, as Mercury Retrograde causes your finances and self-esteem to take a hit. You may seek shelter in simple pleasures, but try to keep good company and stay focused on your spiritual and mental health. Nourish yourself this month, sweet crab! 

The eclipse on August 11th is likely to bring money worries, and you may feel unable to party with friends under the sun. However, you do have the chance to canoodle with a new crush. Just be aware that an old flame will come running back to you on the 12th once they hear of your new summertime romance, causing a possible love triangle on the 19th. The 23rd allows you to assert yourself and take back your power, deciding who you want to partner with on the Full Moon, occurring on the 26th.

You will emerge stronger than ever at the end of the month. Don’t define yourself by monetary worth. Define yourself by who you are and not what you have.