Cosmic Vibes: The Last Days of Summer

As the season ends, we look back at the days of summer and prepare ourselves to embrace order and efficiency for fall. Astrologer Lisa Stardust explains the critical importance self-reflection this Virgo season in September’s edition of Cosmic Vibes.


It's time to go back to the real world...


The last days of Summer act as a changeable cosmic force in all our lives. As the windy days near and the Fall Equinox approaches, we can all revel in the merriment, while sipping warm apple cider, that we survived an astrologically tough Summer.

Virgo Season brings us an opportunity to reflect on and analyze the past months, before heading into another season. In true Virgo fashion, September is busy, as many shifts are happening in the cosmos—all which will bring us closer to our most authentic and purest desires.


Mercury enters Virgo on the 5th, offering us a clear view of where we are headed, just as Saturn who has been moonwalking since April 17th makes us decide where and to whom we wish to commit our energy, on the 6th. Venus, enters passionate Scorpio on the 9th, forcing us to exert our desires (Venus Retrograde starts next month, be prepared to have another shot at the story that begins this month) under the earthy Virgo New Moon. Mars re-enters Aquarius on May 10th, taking us back to May 16th, allowing us to revise plans implemented in the Spring. Mercury enters fair-minded Libra on the 21st, the day before the Fall Equinox on the 22nd, which kicks off Libra Season. The Harvest Moon on September 24th (the first Full Moon of autumn) allows us to improve partnerships and our relationship with ourselves, just as Chiron moves backward into Pisces (healing wounds from the beginning of April), while Pluto, who has been retrograde since April 22nd, starts moving forward again on the 30th, acts as a catalyst for transformation.




Happy Birthday, Virgo! September is your time to shine!


First and foremost, your planetary ruler Mercury, aligns with your Sun sign on September 5th just days before the New Moon on September 9th, allowing you to have a most auspicious month filled with new beginnings, hopes, inspiration, and connections—revving up your Solar Return to create a powerful year ahead.


Mercury glides into Libra on the 21st, right as the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, setting off the Aries Full Moon on the 24th, which may cause you to feel more stabilized both financially and with your sense of self.

Chiron, who has been moving backward since July 4th, heads into your house of partnerships on the 25th, awakening relationship woes from the beginning of April, which may bring ghosts of relationships past back into your life, who are wanting to make amends, especially on the 30th. Pluto turns direct in the romance sector of your chart, awakening love triangles and your creative juices to soar. You will have the opportunity on the 30th to decide what your heart wants and needs. Just don’t allow others to manipulate your feelings and pull on your heartstrings.

Be strong! Stand in your personal power during your Solar Return! You got this!




The first half of September may make you want to crawl under a rock and hide. After all, this Summer has been an emotional rollercoaster for you, Libra! However, the backend of the month is quite a lovely time for you, as Mercury and the Sun link up to you, making you feel seen and understood by others.

Your planetary ruler Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th, giving you the confidence to reemerge back on the social scene on September 10th. Pay attention to the romantic and monetary story that starts to unfold this month, it will be necessary to next month, when Venus starts moonwalking, realigning with your Sun sign.

The Full Moon on the 24th clears up issues with others, encouraging you both to work together and move toward a mutual understanding, especially on September 30th, when Pluto turns direct, allowing you to implement personal changes and healing.




The past months have left your head aching with work dilemmas and dramas, giving you minimal time to hang out with your crew and have personal time. This has undoubtedly left you feeling depleted and left out! The good news is, you have all of September to catch up with others and reconnect—especially on September 3rd. Your daydreams of sleeping in and watching Netflix all day will become a reality on the 9th, when Venus meets up with your Sun, giving you time to luxuriate on the sofa and catch up on much-needed rest.


Mars, your who rules your Sun, re-enters Aquarius, retracing it’s post-retrograde steps, taking you back to May 16th (when Mars first entered Aquarius, before its retrograde journey). Look back to May to see what events, arguments, or situations unfolded—as you have one last pass to redo and revise the story from then.


As the Sun and Mercury move into the house of clandestine activity, you may decide to reconnect with an old flame in secret, opting to text your former lover on the 25th-30th to start a casual romance or fling. Don’t over-worry, the relationship might be different this time, as you’ve learned a lot and have transformed.




Known to travel at the speed of light, September makes you slow down a bit, as earthy Virgo forces you to act less impulsively and practice more patience.

As the Sun and Mercury highlight the career sector of your chart, you may experience setbacks, especially on the 3rd, which will make you rethink your current course of action. The 6th gives you the confidence to ask for a raise or promotion at work, which may be strongly considered by your superiors at work on the 9th during the New Moon. Just try not to get too pushy with your boss on 12th, as your enthusiasm for success may be met with minor delays.


The last days of September give you time to slow your roll at the office, especially during the Full Moon, which gives you the cosmic permission to take the night off and go out with friends for some fun, helping you strike a balance between overworking and pleasure.




September starts off with many changes for you, lovely Capricorn! As the Sun and Mercury allow you to be higher-minded this month, you will feel the difference on September 9th, when Mars moves off your Sun, taking some of the heat off you, allowing you to feel a little freer.


When your planetary ruler Saturn shares a minor frustration with expansive Jupiter on the 3rd, you may feel ambivalent around friendships—or quite possibly unseen by your crew. The 5th gives you a chance to express your feelings and hash things out with your friends, which will create a more solid bond between you both on the 9th and 12th.


The Full Moon on the 24th brings you into the limelight, as you get more likes on Instagram and clicks on your website. Especially on the 30th, when Pluto who is aligned with your Sun starts to move forward, after a long journey backward, giving you the focus to retain your popular status amongst your peers.



It’s been a minute since you’ve focused on yourself, hasn’t it Aquarius? Luckily for you, September gives you plenty of determination, motivation, and strength to look inwards and heal your heart.


As the Sun and Mercury flow through your chart, your transformative powers are awakened, giving you the opportunity to recover and improve your current circumstances, which we all need after the 3 significant eclipses this Summer!


The 10th gives you a second chance to reconnect with others who may have angered you on the 16th of May, giving you a moment to tell your side of the story and mend fences. However, this time you will be heard, as Mars aligns with your Sun giving you a commanding edge. Relationships with others may start to heal around the 25th, as you squash personal demons and doubts on the 30th, permitting you to gain confidence.




September puts the focus on your relationships and partnerships. This month forces you to make decisions around commitments and responsibilities with others.


The month starts off with Mercury whispering sweet everything’s into your ear, making you want to become more relationship oriented. The caveat is while you may decide to dive head first into an exciting new partnership during the New Moon on the 9th, you may choose to slow down, especially on the 21st, when you see the boundaries your other half has laid down. The Full Moon on the 24th opens up this power struggle, giving you the confidence to assert your individuality and set some limitations of your own.


September rounds out with Chiron, moving back on to your Sun, giving you a chance to transform by opening up past wounds and heartaches, only to be healed by yourself.



September highlights your servitude to others, forcing you to take stock of your energy—giving yourself back the power and love you give to others.


September 9th is high time to set firm boundaries with others, under the New Moon, and during Venus’s ingress into Scorpio. This will kick up your self-esteem on the 10th, when your planetary ruler renters Aquarius, giving you the chance to assert your feelings with your friends. This Summer may have put a strain on some relationships, but you have cosmic help on the 10th to move forward with your peers, just in a different direction than before—in which you don’t feel taken for granted.


The Full Moon on the 24th allows you to honor yourself, by letting go of people and situations you’ve outgrown—giving you the power to reclaim the throne as the strongest ram in the universe.



The beginning days of autumn sweeten your honeypot, lovely Bull! 
 As the Sun and Mercury run through the romantic sector of your chart, expect perfumed words to buzz in your ear and creativity to fill your heart during the New Moon September 9th. Be on the lookout for a sensual rendezvous with your crush on the 9th as well, as Venus lights up your chart in sizzling hot Scorpio.


The 10th makes others desirous and envious of both your personal and professional successes. While 12th whisks you away to a far-off place, allowing you to be seen by your contemporaries. Just be careful not to burn the candle at both ends this month, as the Full Moon on the 24th may leave you in desperate need of some R & R.



This Summer certainly was intense for you, Gemini! With your planetary ruler, Mercury, retrograde for the better half of Summer, you didn’t have much time to unwind and enjoy the season. This month, you are repairing your soul and spirit—putting yourself back together again. As Mercury trots through your chart, you are understanding your part in issues you may have with others, owning up to your fault and trying to make amends—mostly with yourself.

Mercury’s ingress into Libra on the 21st and the Sun’s movement into Libra on the 22nd, allow you to see things from a practical standpoint—weighing past situations on the scales of justice, allowing for personal transformation. Try to not be hard on yourself and understand we are all a work in progress. No one is perfect.


The Full Moon on the 24th allows you to heal and repair relationships—especially on the 25th, which is when the scab from past hurts and disappointments may start to heal.




A poet by nature, this month gives you a chance to put your sweet voice to use by sending cheerful texts and messages to those you care about. While you are stereotypically known as being tough, you do care endlessly and unconditionally for those who are in your immediate group.


Saturn, who is traveling in your house of partnerships, starts moving forward on the 6th, after moving backward since April, thus permitting you to commit only to what you love, making you feel more emotionally safe and secure. Although, the 12th may bring up control issues in your relationships.


The Aries Full Moon lets you step into a new social standing, just as Pluto goes direct on the 30th, forcing you to transform partnerships.




September is your time to focus on your personal assets—the most important one being your self-worth.

While you may have taken slight hits to the ego this Summer, you finally see the light of the matter—you cannot define your value based on how others see or feel about you. No one should be judging you. But, most importantly, you shouldn’t be judging yourself!


September 10th may bring up past arguments, when Mars shifts into Aquarius, opening up wounds from mid-May. You can take the high road this time around. Remember, you do not have to engage in drama. You can let this go and use the energy to focus on pulling in people better suited to match your personality.


As the Sun slides through Virgo to Libra this month, you are gaining insight into yourself and roaring out your personal truth, especially during the Full Moon on the 24th. Yes, this month may have its highs and lows—but you are becoming the person you want, emerging from the ashes and growing one day at a time.