The FRONT asked award-winning animator, filmmaker and artist Emily Ann Hoffman to curate a selection of films in honor of her short Ok, Call Me Back. Each piece selected by Hoffman depicts different characters’ relationships with their phones as a conduit for intimate communication and unbridled self-expression.


Hang-Ups is a selection of short films curated by Emily Anne Hoffman



Persephone Goes Home

Written & Directed by Laura Holliday

A quirky comedy with caricatural yet relatable characters, Persephone Goes Home does what many in its genre can’t: exercise aesthetic control and comedic restraint. Hilarious and sweet, Persephone reminds me of the importance of self-love and confidence—needed sentiments these days.




Written & Directed by Isabelle Aspin + Brian Smee

Tabasum shook me right to my core. Isabelle Aspin and Brian Smee achieved an intricate balance between a lovely, animated, pastel world and the raw audio from a heart-wrenching voicemail of a woman baring her soul.




Directed by Liza Mandelup

What happens when love at first sight happens over social media? And only one person does the sighting? Fangirl is a bittersweet and sensitive portrait of the millennial superfan.



Crushed in Space 

By Janice Chun

Crushed in Space is just like a high school crush: awkward, cute and going nowhere. With adorably silly voice acting and super rad design, this animation is the most mellow space journey I’ve ever been on.



Crème Caramel 

Directed by Canada + Produced by Alba Barneda

Crème Caramel is utterly delightful and as delicious to the senses as its namesake. Although it teeters dangerously on the edge of objectification, it tiptoes away with its delicate attention to detail, both in visuals and dialogue, creating a surprisingly emotional and skin-tingling seduction.