Cosmic Vibes: Here Comes the Sun

Buckle your seatbelts, it’s a wild ride into summer in this month’s Summer Solstice horoscopes by Lisa Stardust!


This is a time of blossoming or falling off the vine!


In these last days of spring, we’ll all be asking ourselves whether we’re taking opportunities for growth or staying small. This is a time of blossoming or falling off the vine! As June arrives, we are pushed to discuss our emotions on the 12th, as Mercury enters watery Cancer. The 13th brings a New Moon in Gemini, urging us to communicate our goals and share feelings. On the same day, Goddess of Love and Money, Venus, enters Leo adding a flair of excitement to matters of the heart and desires money. 

Prepare for the seasonal switch June 21st, as the Summer Solstice arrives, and the Sun shifts into the sign of Cancer, ending Gemini Season. Thus marking the beginning of a new season—summer. It’s the longest day of the year, enjoy the sunlight and merriments the day has to offer. 

June brings us opportunities to backtrack through life as both elusive Neptune and combative Mars start their retrograde journeys. 

Neptune Retrograde in dreamy Pisces, beginning June 18th and lasting until November 24th, gives us the opportunity to see things differently. As Neptune is often referred to as the “divine discontent,” we often see things not as they are. During the retrograde, prepare to see an optical illusion of sorts, using your intuition to guide your vision. Thoughts may be clouded, however, inner truths exposed, allowing our dreams to come clear. 

Mars Retrograde in airy Aquarius lasts for two months, beginning June 26th and lasting until August 27th, and will force us to reflect, rather than take action. Mars, who is known for action, softens up and becomes less aggressive, opting to use more creative tactics to tackle situations. 

The Capricorn Full Moon June 28th, edges out with Lord of the Underworld, Pluto giving us the opportunity to transform in the first days of summer. With hard work we can all move forward dropping the past as we start the new season. 

June ends with dramatic fireworks, as Mercury enters fiery Leo on the 29th, allowing July to start its hot days with the passion it desires.

Buckle your seatbelts, it’s a wild ride into summer!


Happy Birthday, Gemini! It’s time to ignite your inner twins with the powerful energy of this solar return in order to drive home monumental changes with the added magic of your chameleon-like ways.

On June 12, your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Cancer. Communications, which you are known for, take on a more sensitive emotional vibe. It’s time to put your needs first as you create boundaries with others. 

The New Moon falling on your Sun sign on June 13th brings personal changes as well as a new style to glam up your Instagram account. Take selfies! It’s time to show off your fine self. Use your newfound confidence to show the world how amazingly beautiful you are with your words, looks, and soul. 


The second part of the month asks you to bring out the other side of your dualistic personality. Time to show the world your other twin. Like a prisoner breaking free, Neptune’s backwards journey on the 18th allows the world to see the other side of you, sans glamour. You can share your intellectual side now after using your flirty side to your advantage in the first half of the month. 


As Mars starts to glide backwards on the 26th, crack open the old textbooks and quote your favorite thinkers— philosophers, historians, artists, and wordsmiths. Use the Full Moon on the 28th to show the world that you possess great depths, though they mostly see you as a lighthearted witty trivia nerd (a wonderful thing, indeed!)! On June 29th you’re in the mood to go big or go home with your declarations— whatever those may be. Be bold with your words on in order to leave an impression.


After a whole month of internalizing emotions and experiences, June 12th gives you the opportunity to finally express how you feel when communication planet Mercury aligns with your Sun sign. While you are known to only share your feelings with those who you feel safe with, you will find the strength within yourself to let your emotions pour out in varied company throughout the month, broadening the scope of your experience. Take out the Kleenex and allow the waterworks to flow without shame! While this may leave you feeling exposed and pushed hard out of your shell during the Gemini New Moon on the 13th, you will feel better about yourself and stronger for having done so by June 21st, when you have your Solar Return. Be aware, Mars Retrograde (which starts June 26th) brings a tsunami of intensity to the forefront of your consciousness.

Working through your pain will be the focus of the summer. Letting go of past emotional baggage during Mars Retrograde will be hard, however, transformative. Don’t stay stuck in your shell. Reach out for help. Call your trusted friends for guidance. Learning to openly talk about your issues is important to your growth. 

The Full Moon June 28th allows you to see your part in relationships—the good, bad, and the ugly—which allows you to elevate yourself higher and initiate personal growth throughout the planetary aspects this summer. 


All the cosmic action this month leads up to Mars Retrograde, beginning June 26th. Deciding to stay in or leave relationships is the focus this month, unfortunately. The veil is lifted and the curtain is drawn; situations come to light and false friendships are revealed. 

Gossip amongst your peers may cause paranoia to develop within yourself from June 12th to June 29th, as Mercury glides through your house of secret enemies. Questioning who your true friends are may lead you to feel confused throughout the month, especially during the Gemini New Moon June 13th. While the New Moon may make you feel a bit shaky, lovely Goddess Venus comes in and gives you a bit more confidence to end relationships, while linking up with your Sun. 

Neptune Retrograde June 18th stirs the pot again, as you linger in which relationships to invest your time in. Boundaries, which have been blurred, for some time now, become burdensome and unable to reverse. Selfishness and egocentric partnerships cause resentments to surface deep within yourself, forcing you to roar with frustration. 

The 26th kicks off Mars Retrograde, which forces you to reassess all relationships. Confrontations with others cause shifts in these relationships on the 29th, as Mercury enters your sign, Leo, creating dramatic declarations with others. While you may be pushed this month to deal with power struggles and backstabbing within relationships, try to be kind and gentle with both yourself and others. Decide if it’s worth the battle. Is this someone you wish to cultivate a healthy relationship with? Do they make me happy? If so, you have the opportunity to work on it. While you may feel pushed to end it, remember, it’s not over ‘til it’s over. 


You’re quite the entrepreneur this month, Virgo! Bouncing around from meetings to appointments starting on the 12th has you serving a higher purpose during the New Moon June 13th, when you land the job of your dreams. 

As mid-June approaches, you may get wishy-washy with all relationships, as Neptune Retrograde starts on the 18th. Just because you committed to the gig doesn’t mean you like the people you are working with— and atmosphere matters. However, in true understanding and patient Virgo form, you choose not to argue and to let annoyances go, mostly due to your kind temperament. This rings true during Mars Retrograde, as well. From the 26th throughout the hot summer days, you may go bonkers on the inside from the demands of coworkers, but you will persist and persevere through the frustration due to your strong work ethic, as you keep your feelings to yourself while Mercury enters the house of personal secrets on the 29th. 

The Full Moon June 28th serves to give you a leg up, reward for your patience drinking a few beers under the sun. 


Imposter syndrome may illuminate issues at work, as insecurities and self doubt come out June 12th. While you may feel not good enough for the task, you’ve got this under control. Don’t base your personal successes around the achievements of others. Try to remain confident as you do your own things at your own pace, which will yield rewards as people take notice of your efforts. Venus’s movement into Leo on the 13th, under the New Moon is a push to move you into the limelight. Although you are known for your civilities, use this time to be every bit the diva you can muster up.

The beginning of Neptune’s moonwalk on June 18th, will make you want to jump into early retirement as you are fed up once more playing the game at the office. While you want to run away and join the circus, don’t throw it all away just yet. After all, what has all this hard work been for? Office politics are tiresome, but work in your favor on the 21st, as you gain your personal confidence as well as notoriety from others. 

This boost invigorates you to shoot for the gold. As Mars glides backwards on the 26th, you are inspired to introduce your creative juices into the mix with those whom you admire. However, reminded under the Full Moon June 28th to balance life, finding a mix that supports your esteem and energies. 


Known for your transformative nature, and the brave ability to dive deep into uncharted waters, June accesses all of your cosmic superpowers. 

We kick off June with Mercury giving you insight into your philosophical motivations. As the New Moon June 13th forces you to understand the psychological motives of yourself, try to focus your energy of self empowerment by owning your place in situations. This may get dark, as the Moon leaves its you feeling alone. However, you have the power and strength to overcome your weaknesses.

June 18th adds more turbulent times, right as Neptune’s backwards movement adds fogginess, limiting your pleasure, adding confusion to your usual pleasurable activities. It’s ok to take a step back now, remember, your desires are transforming. 

Your hunger for a deeper understanding may lead you to hard truths. Don’t get angry with others, as you can sting others with your venomous stinger. Try to gain a deeper insight, allowing you to comprehend your part in these matters during the Full Moon June 28th, as well as during Mars Retrograde, which will force you to change your fundamental ways of thinking. Move towards growth, don’t string yourself or others in the process. 


You’ve taken several gambles in life as you gallop through the years, like a cat with 9 lives. However, you rarely considered the cost and consequences of these bets, preferring to see life as a mysterious adventure.

June 12th ignites your financial frustrations as you feel as though you are living for the city rather than in it, giving away living paycheck to paycheck or struggling otherwise. This annoyance is really affecting your joie de vivre lifestyle, making you partner with with someone on the 13th to handle your finances better, as money may not be your strong point. Just be sure they are being honest, as Neptune creates a fog around your senses as the retrograde begins on the 18th, forcing you to be susceptible to losses or fraud. Double, triple check every document and check you sign, during Mars Retrograde, don’t take people’s words for truth.

The Full Moon on the 28th makes you second guess your bets—if you’ve made the right gamble and if you are profiting from your decisions on the 29th. 


Money is the center of your universe this month. The first part of June brings promising business relationships, particularly June 12th which lead to lush financial prospects on the 13th, leading to a perspective partnership, which will leave you scratching your head as you decide whether or not to accept the offer. Being the practical sea goat you are, you may decide to bail on the deal. However, is giving up really in your DNA? The caveat, of course, is dependent on whether you get the money you deserve. Negotiations may be draining, worrisome, and intense—but, worth it. 

Known for your cool, direct, and collected manner, communications may become foggy when Neptune starts moving backwards on the 18th. As Neptune starts the Retrograde journey, in the communication sector of your chart, delays may persist, forcing all your hard work and negotiations to get muddied and seem like they may fail. You may want to throw your phone at the wall, slam your laptop closed, and have a therapy scream as contacts are delayed.


The Full Moon on June 28th closes the deal (finally), after weeks of feeling on edge. The wire transfer clears in your bank account on the 29th. After weeks of agonizing over your the deal, it’s done. Yes, you’ve earned your financial worth. Just remember, you can always ask for more money during Mars Retrograde this summer. In true Capricorn form, note that this is just a starting salary and you have the capacity to receive more funds and prosperity from your hard work. 


It’s time to take that “do good”, humanistic mentality and give yourself some much needed TLC. The past month may have been challenging, as you’ve tried to repair your broken heart and set boundaries with others. As a kind person, it’s time to be kind to yourself. Stop beating yourself up! While the past makes you insecure – afraid to take the new leap to growth, it’s time to live and let live. Time to be gentle on yourself. 

June 12th is the first shot you have to repair yourself, as you’re open to discussing your wounds. With the New Moon occurring the day after, there’s a wonderful healing opportunity around love, with Venus’s help on the 13th, you will be stepping into a more emotionally secure place with others. 

Be careful not to slip back into negative thinking on the 18th, as Neptune Retrograde will leave you doubting yourself. Stay strong until the 21st—you will once again have the opportunity to commit yourself to work on your healing—you’re going to need to use this time to build your confidence, as Mars Retrograde (which starts on the 26th) may knock you down a few pegs. Staying on the right path this month boosts you towards emotional and mental growth. You have the power to repair yourself—don’t get stuck in the mud—don’t listen to the “can not’s” in your head—only the “can do’s” and move towards transformation.


Dang, are you frisky this month! June brings out your seductive energy, highlighting your desire for sexy talk (a.k.a. sexting) on June 12th. The summer starts off with a bang for you, heightening your desires and warming your loins.

The New Moon June 13th highlights your desire to change your outdated views, replacing with some swagger. The pep in your step is due to your new crush giving you lots of attention, challenging your core beliefs. Perhaps an interest in a new fetish gives you insight into your personality. 

As you take fantasies to the new level, your dreamy desire for roleplaying is highlighted on the 18th, when Neptune starts moving backward. You may decide to revisit turn-ons from the past which will get you and your partners blood boiling on the 21st. Mars Retrograde, starting on the 26th, will keep your sexual secrets safe, as long as you don’t blab—because you may have the desire to share your new found love of playing sexy librarian with your friends on the Full Moon June 28th.


Using your imaginative energy, dreaming of a brighter tomorrow will give you the drive to create a new utopia within yourself. Turning these energies inward can help heal this month, starting on the 12th. Soft words perfume the air, as you rest snuggled up with your loved one, hiding away from the drama. 

The New Moon on the 13th of June, reminds you life is all smoke and mirrors—what you see isn’t what you get, especially when you hear news that may be unsettling. 

When Neptune starts dancing backwards on June 18th through your house of clandestine activity, try to balance your rhythm and blues—making sure not to get too blue and sad. 

As your planetary ruler Mars starts it’s summer long retrograde on the 26th, energies shift creating conflicts with friends—all the drama you were escaping comes Front and center as you decide who is a friend or a foe. As sadness may persist, letting go of relationships temporarily may aide in avoiding heartache. You will have chances to make up with your frenemy—just give it a minute as the situation is too hot to run into. 

While your secrets may feel as though they are unfolding, they will not be exposed, your reputation which will be the focus of the Full Moon occurring.


June serves as a reminder for you to live in the moment. As Mercury shifts through your communication sector on the 12th, use the words of Shelley, Byron, and Keats to romance your new latest crush. On the flip-side, if you’re partnered, make-up with your beau as your precious words have proven to hurt last month. Hopefully, that incident has stung the bull to make a change after putting foot-in-mouth. Trying to edit your words and not saying the wrong things, may force the need to evoke the great poets to smooth things over. This will add sweetness from the bitterness of the recent past, adding harmony to your ego on the New Moon July 13th, as well as grace to your public image on the 13th.

Neptune’s backward movement beginning on the 18th will remind you that your words may not have shown your appreciation to your friends, as you feel joisted from your crew. Is it even worth fighting for? Mars Retrograde, beginning on the 26th, asks you if these relationships are worth fighting for—over the next two months. 

The earthy Capricorn Full Moon is a wake-up call to ethics showing you that life may be complicated at times, salty and harsh but never dull. The month ends with growth as you learn from your mistakes from the past for a better future.